At Kindred Holistic Midwifery, we are not limited to just prenatal care and delivering babies. What sets us apart is our ability to serve the whole family, from pre-conception throughout the childbearing year, as you welcome the newest life into the world.

kin·dred: ˈkindrəd/ noun “of a similar nature or character”

We are all connected, one human family, one community.

We are all in this together.

Meet the Midwife


Elena is a practicing licensed midwife, an Advanced Arvigo Practitioner, and a retired licensed massage therapist based in Central Florida. She currently serves clients in Volusia, Seminole, Orange, and parts of Lake and Brevard counties. Her office is located on the first floor of the

Maitland Wellness Center. Sessions by appointment only.


This woman is the reason my beautiful son Anthony Leif made it into this world. Her divine energy grounded me during my extremely long birthing process. She kept me focused and surrounded me with the love and support I needed to bring a 9 pound baby boy into our lives. I’m so grateful for her presence during and after my birth. What speaks volumes is the huge smiles that come from Anthony when he gets to see Elena—he is drawn to her… I carry so much gratitude in my heart for her presence in our lives!

Enjoy the Difference

Kindred Holistic Midwifery is a concierge midwifery care and healing practice. Offering quality, personalized care is the cornerstone mission of Kindred Holistic Midwifery. We perform in-home pre-natal, labor and delivery, and postpartum care. 

ATMAT (Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapy) focuses on healing physical and emotional/ spiritual ailments in the abdomen and womb.  It helps to release stored energy that no longer serves you, develops an in-depth, balanced connection to your creative center but also treats physical conditions.

The role of a spiritual midwife is one who accompanies you on a journey to awaken your deepest needs for healing. Being an initiate of the Pachakuti Mesa Lineage,

Midwife Elena utilizes sacred tools of fire, water, stone, and story for you to remember who you

are and why you are here.

Kindred Holistic Midwifery

We Are All In This Together