Meet the Midwife

As a woman of Puerto Rican descent who has lived throughout the Northeast and Southern

regions, and traveled to 23 states and counting plus the Bahamas and Puerto Rico, I feel

grateful to have known people from all over the country and the world. These varied

experiences nurtured and transformed my worldview and shaped the woman I am today. I see

myself not only as a US citizen by birth but as a global citizen by responsibility.

I consider myself a soul adventurer.  There is no more profound challenge than the mastery of

self.  The pursuit of the limitless requires personal growth, cultivating self-care, self-awareness,

and self-love.  I continue to benefit from participating in therapy and healing community in

several forms. Non-Violent Communication has been a treasured tool and an ongoing process

in practice. Receiving the Munay-ki* rites of transformation and being a Mesa carrier has

provided humility, depth, and space for healing myself and others.

Most of all, I am the proud mother of a sweet girl who has taught me more about what my body

and my heart are capable of than anyone I have ever known. Pregnancy, labor, and

motherhood have brought no shortage of lessons in accepting all expected and unexpected

challenges. What these experiences taught me is that I am an informed woman who knows her

body, and I have all the information I need to make the right decision for me and my child. This

affirming gift is my wish for every family I serve.