I met Elena when I got pregnant after my second miscarriage and diagnosis of the MTHFR gene mutation.  I was a nervous, anxious wreck.  All I know is that when she entered into my life during that pregnancy, everything changed for me.  I felt she had just as much knowledge as the actual seasoned midwives that were working with me, which says a lot being that she was a student midwife at the time. She participated in my prenatal care for that entire pregnancy.  She was an incredibly calming force.  She showed me care, concern, and understanding.  My prenatal care with her became the highlight of my pregnancy. Those visits went from me feeling anxious and worried to where I laughed, joked, and felt excited about being pregnant. I do owe that to Elena.  When I went into labor, I remember the exact moment I looked up and saw Elena come through the door.  Seconds later, the smell of lavender filled my senses and I immediately felt calm.  Just having her there for me, providing reassurance and offering me things that helped me calm myself enabling me to transition into bringing my baby earthside.  Well I did it, and my baby was perfect and beautiful. I recommend Elena for homebirth and midwifery care.