What to Expect

Kindred Holistic Midwifery is a concierge midwifery care and healing practice. Offering quality

personalized care is a cornerstone value of Kindred Holistic Midwifery. Combining evidence-

based guidelines with traditional and alternative medicine supports the framework for keeping

your pregnancy and homebirth low risk, resulting in a healthy, safe outcome.

At each prenatal visit, you can expect routine vital signs, lab work if needed, and a discussion

regarding any questions or concerns you have, or research you’ve done. We will review any

complications as they arise. Routine labs are drawn at the initial visit, 28 weeks, and at 36

weeks.  They include but are not limited to: a prenatal profile, urinalysis and urine culture,

screenings for STDs, gestational diabetes, and GBS.  NIPT (non-invasive prenatal testing) is a

diagnostic tool used for determining any genetic disorders that may impact your pregnancy and

is available for those who have qualifying risk factors at an additional cost. An 18-22 week fetal

anatomy scan contains vital information to ensure a low risk pregnancy and delivery, and

therefore is an essential part of our practice. At 37 weeks, a scheduled home visit is an

opportunity for the client to show the midwife around your ideal birth environment.  For labor, I

am accompanied by an assistant who serves as my second set of eyes, ears, and hands. I am

prepared with my equipment and tools necessary for a safe delivery including but not limited to

oxygen and medications to manage potential postpartum complications. There are several

options for additional services within my realm of expertise, and referrals, resources, and

recommendations are provided for circumstances that require diagnostic, specialized, or

collaborative care.

As an authentic, trustworthy, and reasonable practitioner, I approach my clients with

compassion, a willingness to listen, and a sense of humor. Providing a space for effective and

clear communication is key for developing a mutually respectful and trusting provider-client