Investment : $200

Midwife Elena has had an interest in indigenous medicine since childhood. She often studied books on Native American history, mythology, and spiritual practices in her spare time. By the time she entered adulthood, Elena began seeking wisdom from personal mentors from North, Central, and South American traditions and Tibetan Buddhism. Having participated in countless prayer and meditation ceremonies, she has received the Munay-ki rites of transformation through the Pachakuti Mesa Tradition which has provided humility, depth, and space for healing herself and others.

The role of a spiritual midwife is one who accompanies you on a journey to awaken your deepest needs for healing. Being an initiate of the Pachakuti Mesa Lineage, Midwife Elena utilizes sacred tools of fire, water, stone, and story for you to remember who you are and why you are here.  Focusing on your chakra energy centers, Elena is able to clear, transmute, and illuminate your path for self-reflection and facilitate the process for you to heal yourself.

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