Evolution of Kindred

Birthed from the wisdom gained through the lives that have touched mine, Kindred Holistic

Midwifery combines my experience as a bodyworker and midwife, enabling me to provide a

unique and integrated model of care. As a graduate of the Florida College of Natural Health, I

maintained a Florida massage therapy license from 2002-2019, applying hands-on bodywork

and subtle energy work techniques and many other tools I’ve gathered throughout my career.

Upon reading Spiritual Midwifery, I connected with birth stories that described what I knew

inherently: that birth is a healthy, natural part of life. Realizing my passion and advocacy for

midwifery, in 2008 I began working as a doula and birth assistant. This path led me toward the

Florida School of Traditional Midwifery in 2013, graduating in 2017 and becoming a licensed

midwife in the spring of 2018.

In tandem with my academic and clinical requirements, I attended the Arvigo Techniques of

Maya Abdominal Therapy (ATMAT) Self Care Training, Professional Care Training, and

Advanced Pregnancy Training workshops, the perfect complement to my love of bodywork,

midwifery, and women's health at all stages of life. This invaluable experience broadened my perspective of the womb, the pelvic floor, and reproductive and sexual health—effectively

bridging my roots as a massage therapist and my purpose as a licensed midwife.

I am honored to offer these services to my community throughout Central Florida and am committed to making the world a better place through physical, emotional, energetic, and spiritual healing.