ATMAT (Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapy) focuses on healing physical and

emotional/ spiritual ailments in the abdomen and womb.  It helps to release stored energy that no longer serves you; develops an in-depth, balanced connection to your creative center; and also treats physical conditions like endometriosis, displaced uterus, infertility, digestive issues, painful/ excessive menstruation, fibroids, previous cesarean section, even prostate

complications. ATMAT centers around six critical systems in the body: circulatory, lymphatic,

digestive, nervous, reproductive, and musculoskeletal.  Each of these systems is addressed

through external non-invasive massage techniques to pelvic and abdominal organs, increasing blood flow, nerve stimulation, lymphatic drainage, and production of digestive juices to encourage the body to return to balance and self-awareness.  During pregnancy, this modality is useful for relieving stress and pressure in the pelvis; encouraging optimal circulation in the uterus; releasing scar tissue and ligament tension surrounding the sacrum and coccyx; and providing greater mobility and space in the pelvis for delivery. Treatment modifications are made for infants and children with digestive issues. ATMAT is also an effective treatment post- cesarean to promote uterine healing and soften scar tissue. Combined with nutritional counseling, herbal supplements, and regular self-care, ATMAT has been shown to improve quality of life, increasing awareness of and connection to the body’s natural healing abilities. Self-care is a critical aspect of a healthy, meaningful life.  I believe ATMAT and self-care are synonymous.

According to her book “Sastun, My Apprenticeship with a Maya Healer,” Rosita Arvigo, a

naprapath and herbalist from Chicago, traveled to Belize to raise her family and study

ethnobotany. During her time there, she earned the trust of a local Maya shaman named Don

Elijio Panti and became his apprentice, learning traditional wisdom passed down from

generations of healers in the Belize rainforest. Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapy

is the result of Rosita’s 30 years of training and experience as a holistic healer, including her 10-

year apprenticeship with Don Elijio and traditional Mayan midwife Miss Hortense.  I learned from teachers who studied directly with Rosita and had the pleasure of studying with her in person, and I consider myself to be a part of this rich history and lineage of physical, emotional, and spiritual healing.