Meet Elena

Elena is a practicing licensed midwife, an Advanced Arvigo Practitioner, and a retired licensed massage therapist based in Central Florida. She currently resides in DeLand, but serves clients in Volusia, Seminole, Orange, and East Lake counties. Future goals for her practice include certifications in preconception and fertility counseling and craniosacral therapy.

As a woman of Puerto Rican descent who has lived throughout the Northeast and Southern regions of the US, Elena has traveled to 23 states (and counting!) plus the Bahamas and Puerto Rico. She feels grateful to have known people from all over the country and the world. She attributes the nurturing and transforming of her worldview to these varied experiences. They have shaped the woman she is today. She sees herself as a US citizen by birth, but a global citizen by responsibility.

Elena considers herself a soul adventurer. There is no more profound challenge than the mastery of self. The pursuit of the limitless is one of personal growth and spirituality…cultivating self-care, self-awareness, and self-love. She continues to benefit from the use of therapy and healing community in several forms. Inspired by Dr. Marshall B. Rosenburg of The Center for Non- Violent Communication, she gained a treasured tool and an ongoing practice of peacemaking. Elena had an interest in indigenous medicine since childhood. She often studied books on Native American history, mythology, and spiritual practices in her spare time. By the time she entered adulthood, Elena began seeking wisdom from personal mentors from North and South American traditions and Tibetan Buddhism. Having participated in countless prayer and meditation ceremonies, she has received the Munay-ki rites of transformation through the Pachakuti Mesa Tradition which has provided humility, depth, and space for healing herself and others.

Most of all, she is the proud mother of a sweet girl who has taught her more about what her body and her heart are capable of than anyone she has ever met. Pregnancy, labor, and motherhood have brought no shortage of lessons in accepting all expected and unexpected challenges. What these experiences taught her is that she is an informed woman who knows her body, and she has all the information she needs to make the right decision for her and her child. This affirming gift is Elena’s wish for every family she serves.

The Journey

from Massage to Midwifery


From the wisdom gained through the lives that have touched Midwife Elena Rosa, Kindred Holistic Midwifery was born. She has combined her 17 years of experience as a bodyworker and birthworker, designing a unique and integrated midwifery model of care. As a graduate of the Florida College of Natural Health (FCNH), she maintained a Florida massage therapy license from 2002-2019. Applying hands-on bodywork to thousands of people, she gained extensive expertise with stress relief, deep tissue, and subtle energywork techniques.

Upon reading Ina May Gaskin’s Spiritual Midwifery, Elena connected with the birth stories that described what she knew inherently: that birth is a healthy, natural part of life. Realizing her passion and advocacy for midwifery, in 2008 she began working as a doula and birth assistant, attending about 100 births. By 2010, Elena participated in a Birthing the Future birth advocacy retreat hosted by Suzanne Arms, author of Immaculate Deception. This path led her to pursue midwifery full time and begin her studies at the Florida School of Traditional Midwifery (FSTM) in 2013, one of 11 MEAC accredited midwifery schools in the country.  She graduated from FSTM in 2017 where she exceeded the minimum clinical requirements for prenatal and postpartum visits, birth observes, assists, and newborn exams, caring for hundreds of patients in that capacity.

In tandem with her academic and clinical requirements, she attended the Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapy (ATMAT) Self Care Training, Professional Care Training, and Advanced Pregnancy Training workshops. This was the perfect complement to her love of bodywork, midwifery, and women’s health at all stages of life. This invaluable experience broadened her perspective of the womb, the pelvic floor, and reproductive and sexual health—effectively bridging the gap between her roots as a massage therapist and her purpose as a licensed midwife.

Since becoming a licensed midwife in the spring of 2018, Elena has facilitated the delivery of numerous babies, surrounded by their loving families, in the comfort and calm of their own homes. She brings all the tools she has gathered throughout her career as a massage therapist, birth/ postpartum doula, and midwife into her midwifery practice. She is honored to offer these services to her community.


Through physical, emotional, energetic, and spiritual healing, Elena is committed to making the world a better place.